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Our story
Movitae - Movement Life

Created by Angela Gendall, Movitae is the result of the culmination of experiences working in professional dancing, movement education, elite performance and dance rehabilitation.

It was born from years of providing online feedback to dancers in the form of dancer profiling, assessment, choreography and conditioning programs, and realising the usefulness of this for a wider audience.

As a visual and athletic art, visual feedback makes sense to dancers. And with video and movement Apps becoming more accessible through the advent of smart devices, we recognised that dancers and dance teachers need a private place to store and share their practice material and any digital dance content. They also need an easy, effective way to communicate and feedback to each other.

Movitae provides this.

Our aim is to not only provide a feedback tool that is helpful to students and teachers but that also provides a network of opportunity and support for studios, teachers, performers and students.


The team
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Angela Gendall
CEO and Founder
Jess Daniel
Customer Success Manager
Steph Owen
Marketing Manager
Anne Catley
Non-executive Director
Dennis Angelo
Lead Software Developer
Matthew McArthur
Product Development Manager
Matt Gunn
Tech Platform Development
Graham Clarke


We are a team with a unique combination of dance knowledge and technical knowledge. This allows us to fine tune Movitae into something that really works for this specific environment.
At Movitae we are passionate about creating richer experiences for dancers and the dance industry. We are dedicated to constantly improve our offering. New features get added all the time to give you the best user experience.
We treat dance schools as partners. Partners in our mission to encourage your dancers to get the most out of dance. We will help in any way we can to grow this partnership.