Frequently asked questions

If you are looking into using Movitae in your studio you are bound to have a few questions, so we have put together a list of the common questions we get. If you are already using Movitae and have questions, you can use the help link in the app to ask our support team.

If we haven’t answered your question here.. then get in touch, we would love to hear from you.

How does Movitae inspire my students?

At Movitae we believe that students are always looking for ways to be inspired, to extend their learning and improve their performance. We want teachers to be able to build on this desire to learn by making inspiration easy.  Movitae is a tool that helps teachers easily connect with their students outside the conventional classroom environment using their imagination and some help with digital technology.

What if my students aren't that serious?

Movitae can be used by any student trying to learn a new skill regardless of their commitment.  Movitae is designed to inspire students to make the most out of their learning experience. Movitae also helps students to learn at their own pace giving them a chance to develop their confidence and enjoyment of dance. If your students are just about having fun, then Movitae will help make it more fun!

What if my teachers don’t have time outside of lessons. How much time will it take?

As much or as little time as you have available. Content that your teachers have recorded during a lesson is easily uploaded using the Movitae App. Teachers can get help to record content from parents or students and then can immediately upload it before the end of the class so they don’t have to do anything outside of classtime if they don’t want to. There are also extra resources available through Movitae which students will be able to access.

Is Movitae just video sharing?

Absolutely not. Sharing video is just one part of what the Movitae offering is. We call it an online hub for your dance school which provides rich and quality content from a variety of sources to inspire your dancers to dance for longer!

It is a place your students can go for all their dance needs and an extension of their classroom. Here are some of the additional benefits you can get from Movitae:

  1. Movitae can provide a tool for schools to communicate easily with the whole school or with selected individuals or class groups.
  2. Access to conditioning exercises which can be shared to students for their development.
  3. Students can create their own Portfolios made up of content from their timelines.
  4. Movitae has some syllabus content and other programmes available for purchase.
  5. Teachers can easily produce class reports which provide greater insights into their student’s progression.
  6. Students can create a ‘Dancers diary’ outlining areas of practice and demonstrating progress on their goals.
  7. Movitae Education is an optional service that provides conditioning and nutritional advice that is relevant to Movitae users.

My school has mostly younger students. Will Movitae still be useful for them?

Yes Movitae is definitely relevant for younger students. Students of any age want to learn and be inspired! Teachers have a great opportunity to share content that will appeal to these students to encourage interest in the classes they attend and in dance in general. Movitae can also be used to connect using a range of different content. Quizzes, choreography competitions, colouring, dancers diaries are just some of the great examples.

What kind of benefits can I expect to see from implementing Movitae at my school?

Movitae can help your school with:

  • stronger student engagement – easy, fast, relevant communication in a digital environment that students love.
  • higher student retention – more engaged students will stay for longer and enjoy the experience!
  • becoming better dancers, faster! – help your students grasp new exam content or rehearsal material by taking it into their own home. They can practise at their own pace.
  • reducing administrative burden – students put themselves into class groups. Communicate easily with the whole school or just part of the school!
  • content that inspires – Movitae can provide conditioning exercises that will support your teaching practice building strength and resilience for your students.

Is Movitae only for Dance schools?

Movitae can be used by any organisation or industry where individual performance can be improved by video feedback, or where an organisation wishes to create a closed community online hub to extend the learning environment online for their organisation. The use of Movitae is not limited to dance schools at all, however, as we have expertise in the dance industry we are tailoring Movitae towards dance at this stage.

Parents at my school take video on their own devices so do I still need Movitae?

With Movitae, you can keep control of the content that is recorded and shared and parents and students have one central place to access video content. The content is stored in the cloud and does not take up space on your device. Teachers can allocate either a parent or student to record the video. Once shared, all students will be able to benefit from viewing it including students that are absent or injured. Movitae also allows teachers to provide feedback on the content which is powerful for learning. Movitae is so much more than just a video sharing tool – it is designed to be an online hub for your dance school.

What are the payment options for Movitae?

One of Movitae’s strengths is that we can offer different ways that you can on-charge your students.

We offer 3 ways. You can put your whole school, part of your school or individual students onto Movitae. Take a look at this page for details on our pricing for each of these options.

The whole school option is our recommended option because we believe having all of your students on gives you the maximum benefit of Movitae.

All you need to do is contact us on info@movitae.com and we would be happy to chat to you about what option is best for your school.

What if I only want to put some of my school onto Movitae?

Easy. We have a pricing option that will work for this scenario under either the “Class Package” or the “Student Package”. All you have to do is contact us on info@movitae.com and we can talk you through it.

How do I get access to the Dance Pilates conditioning exercises?

When you sign up to Movitae with your organisation you will automatically get access to a series of conditioning exercises brought to you by Dance Pilates. These exercises are designed to be used to support your teaching environment and can be shared with students for homework. Each exercise has thorough instructions and a video to show the students exactly how to execute the movement. They are a valuable resource and are proven to produce great results! If you don’t want these to be available to your members via your organisation just let us know.

What syllabus content is available on Movitae?

We have some syllabus content available for purchase on Movitae. To check if the syllabus you are using at your school is available please contact us on info@movitae.com.

What is a Movitae Portfolio?

Portfolios are a great way to create a collection of content (Timeline items). Content can be grouped together in one central place. Links to the portfolio can be emailed to people who are not members of Movitae using a secret link.

What is Movitae Education?

Movitae Education is a free optional service that provides educational dance related content to Movitae users. Users can benefit from weekly conditioning episodes, nutrition webinars and other information all aimed at providing informative relevant content to schools.

How secure is the content on Movitae?

Movitae is a closed community of users, each school is provided with a signup code to distribute to their dancers. This helps reduce the risk of accidentally sharing content to the wrong audience.

The Movitae platform itself uses the latest encryption standards and is hosted in a world leading data centre called Amazon Web Services.

How long does Movitae take to implement?

Give us 48 hours to set up your school, then it’s up to you, just invite your members. Inviting your members can be done via email, post or just with a poster in your studio. Because your school’s success with Movitae is our highest priority, we will help you get up and running as quickly as possible.