Dance in a class of your own
We know that technology can make a great dance teaching environment even better
We are proud to help teachers create and deliver an innovative extended dance learning environment
It's not social media
Well OK it is social, but it is much much more than that. Movitae is designed by dancers for the dance industry as a dance resource. Privacy and content control are central to the architecture. It also allows teachers to keep their professional and personal contacts separate.
Keep control of content
Movitae is a great way to control video footage taken in the classroom. Footage can be easily uploaded in the studio via our App and can be discreetly shared to classes or individuals. All video content is owned and controlled by you.
Simple communication
You can use the Movitae platform to easily communicate directly with students and parents, view classes you don’t teach and share exercises and resources.
Generate extra revenue
Different revenue generation options exist within Movitae for your organisation. Movitae has 3 flexible ways for schools to on-charge for the service.
Parents get more value for their investment in dance (of money and time) because the dancers are getting better faster and are more engaged.
Better dancers, faster
Help your students to learn choreography faster. Some students pick up choreography faster than others so allow everyone to learn at their own pace in their own home.
Great support
Have a question or need some help? We are always here for you and will guide you and your teachers through implementation and beyond. We share a common interest with studios to help students love their dancing and dance for longer.