We know that every school is different
so we have different pricing options to choose from
3 very different pricing options

We can help you choose the right one for your school.

  1. “Student subscribe” – You sign your studio up for free and your students pay Movitae directly.
  2. “Class Package” – Your studio buys a package based on the number of classes intending to use it and on-charges the students in those classes
  3. “School License” – You buy a license for your whole school and just include the cost in your term fees

Schools: The best thing to do is get in contact for a tailor-made solution for your school.

We offer different revenue generating options for schools which allows them to on-charge for the Movitae service in recognition of the much greater level of service that your customers will be getting.

Extra premium content

Once registered with Movitae, students have the option to purchase additional premium content to enhance their knowledge such as:

  • Syllabus content
  • Nutritional information and tailored advice
  • Exercise programs
Educational Schools

Students and staff from primary and secondary schools and from tertiary institutions can use the Class or School option so all students have access to full functionality.

Please contact us to discuss pricing and your requirements.


Students: Do you want your school to use Movitae?
If you are a dance student and you would like to use Movitae but your dance school is not yet registered, please contact us and we can get you a trial account set up.


We can also send your school the information they need to make a decision.